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Information for our English speaking friends


The organization “Help for the Massai” supports various community developmental projects, educational activities, relief work and Christian missionary outreaches in Northern Tanzania.
Since its foundation in 1997, “Help for the Massai” has supported Angelika Wohlenberg, a German missionary living in Tanzania, and her work and projects amongst the Massai people.  Since 1983 Angelika has been living and working in the Massai territory, working as a nurse, mid-wife, truck driver, school founder and advocate for women’s rights. In 2005, our organization, which is based in Germany, received official accreditation as a charitable organization by the government of Tanzania. Except for the administration and book-keeping, the work in Germany is done strictly on a volunteer basis.
Currently, the organization has 20 charter members and a large donor base, without which the work would not be possible. The donors are individuals, school classes and churches.

Financial support
Donors must make donations payable to "Massai School 121". We are a US 501 c3 tax exempt organization. Donors should include a separate note that states their donation is for HFTM. A statement listing donations received is issued annually from "Massai School 121" to each donor for tax purposes. US Donors should send checks to:


Doug and Terry Traina
811 S. Park Court
Lynden, WA 98264


As an alternative you can also use Pay Pal to make a contribution. The money is deposited directly into our Help for the Massai account, thus saving some money on bank fees. Unfortunately, we are not able to issue a receipt for your donation that can be used for tax purposes.


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