Hilfe für die Massai


Neues aus Malambo Bildung für Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Stämmen und Altersgruppen

Dirk and Sarah Frykowski


Dirk and Sarah Frykowski have been in our team since November, 2011. They live and work in our boarding home in Arusha. Dirk worked for a local utility company in Germany and is a master tradesman in gas and waterworks. Sarah is trained as a bank teller and worked in a savings bank. They have been happily married for 7 years.
Many years ago during his civil service between 2001 and 2002 in Tanzania, Dirk discovered his love for the country and especially for the Massai. His enthusiasm spread to his then girl-friend Sarah. In the following years they undertook a number of trips together to visit the Massai region and were closely connected to the work and their Massai friends. In 2010, their God felt desire to go into mission’s work and developmental work became reality, and since November, 2011 they have been living in Tanzania and working for “Help for the Massai”.
They both work primarily in the boarding home in Arusha. Sarah has taken over the student sponsorships in Tanzania and works in addition to that in the book-keeping department. Dirk takes care of the technical installations in Arusha and also in Malambo. These include the solar power panels, the cistern and other water works, as well as maintaining the Toyata Land Cruiser.


Contact: dirkundsarah@massai.org

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