Hilfe für die Massai


Neues aus Malambo Bildung für Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Stämmen und Altersgruppen

Angelika Wohlenberg


Sister Angelika Wohlenberg is a trained nurse and mid-wife. Her work as a missionary in Tanzania began in 1983, being sent out by the North Elbian Missionary Center in Breklum, Germany. She started a mobile clinic in the southern parts of the Massai region (Simanjiro District) and stayed there until the end of her contract in 1986. In March 1997 she founded, together with friends, the organization “Help for the Massai”, and since then has worked primarily in the northern parts of the Massai region (Ngorongoro District). Sister Angelika is acquainted with the local customs and is respected and loved by the Massai. In the course of time she realized that beyond medical care there were also other pressing needs. The Massai are threatened by the numerous changes taking place in Tanzania and need help in their fight for survival as an ethnical entity. Together with Jutta Roedig,   Angelika began other developmental projects in Northern Tanzania. These involve evangelistic outreaches, educational projects, women’s groups and health care clinics.


Contact: angelika@massai.org

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