Hilfe für die Massai


Neues aus Malambo Bildung für Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Stämmen und Altersgruppen


What exactly is “Help for the Massai”? The major aspects of the work include:


Education is an important bridge to our modern age and is carried on through the ongoing sponsorship of pupils. Since January 2005, “Help for the Massai” has been running the Naserian English Medium Elementary School in Malambo. For the children attending this school, the tuition is paid for by sponsors. Besides this, our organization runs a boarding home close to Arusha, where 20, for the most part Massai girls, live.
Medical assistance
Since 2004 “Help for the Massai“  has been allowed by the Tanzanian government to carry out mobile clinical outreaches in the Northern Savanna.  In Malambo there is a local public dispensary that we help support. Eye surgery is a part of the medical outreach program, as well as eye exams, fitting eye glasses or assisting with child birth. We furnish a truck and driver so that basic medical services can be provided to the population living in the outlying districts. There are many people in the Massai territory who have physical disabilities. For these people “Help for the Massai” makes possible medical treatment.
Women’s groups
The Massai culture is a strong patriarchal society in which women have very few rights. Many of the daily tasks of life, such as the planting, growing and  harvesting of the crops, caring for the household and preparing the daily meals, is work reserved solely for women. As a result many women are practically enslaved to their husbands, and in the case of divorce or separation are left without any means of providing for themselves. Where women begin to build parallel structures of food supply for themselves and their families, “Help for the Massai” supports them with know-how and donations intended to help women get financially on their feet.  Examples of this assistance are women’s groups created especially for the purchase of corn mills or to support the manufacture and sale of traditional hand-made jewelry to tourists.

The most powerful force that the Massai can experience is in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel changes lives and imparts spiritual freedom. The Massai are impressed by the message of the Gospel, especially the women, who profit from the new found dignity and personal worth found in the Christian message.  Jesus Christ came to earth to walk among and speak personally to people, and this fact encourages the Massai to overcome the deep traditional fear of demons and curses, or fear of the future and what it will bring. We also help evangelists, so that they can hold seminars, church services and outreaches in villages that are off the beaten path, and by doing so help bring hope to other families.

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