Hilfe für die Massai


Neues aus Malambo Bildung für Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Stämmen und Altersgruppen

Elementary School in Malambo


In 2005 “Help for the Massai” opened a new private elementary school in Malambo. In the “Naserian English Medium Primary School” local pupils receive a quality education. All classes are taught in English. In order to receive a proper education in English, more and more children from the northern Massai region are being sent by their parents to larger cities such as Arusha, Moshi and even into neighboring Kenya. It was important for the organization to counter this trend and establish a local English speaking school. The children are able to live in surroundings they are accustomed to, even when they have to stay with relatives or friends near the school.
In January, 2005, classes began in the elementary school with the first grade. The last classrooms are expected to be completed next year, which will bring the total number of classrooms up to seven.
At present there are 230 children attending the Naserian School. Besides the elementary school, there are also two Kindergarten classes and one pre-school class. In addition to the school education it is also important that the children learn proper methods of hygiene and codes of conduct. Each morning every child receives a portion of porridge and at noon a warm lunch, mostly rice mixed with vegetables or corn meal. These meals for the boys and girls aren’t to be taken for granted. The school, and with it the teacher’s salaries, school uniforms, books and school meals, have been financed up until now through the sponsorships. In the long run, there are plans to have the parents and relatives of the children share in these costs. A school committee has been founded that meets regularly with the teachers and discusses  various school tasks.
In November, 2009, the national exams for the fourth grade took place in our school for the second time under the direction of the government school inspector. All 20 pupils passed with good grades. Of the 53 elementary schools in the Ngorongoro district, the Naserian School placed second.

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