Hilfe für die Massai


Neues aus Malambo Bildung für Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Stämmen und Altersgruppen

Boarding Home in Arusha


The boarding home for girls is found a few miles outside of Arusha in the village of Kwa Mrefu, at the foot of Mount Meru. The girls living there come from difficult family backgrounds or are orphans. Most of them are Massai children between the ages of 3 and 15. Some of them have medical problems and are in the school to take advantage of the better medical facilities found nearby. They come from various regions in Tanzania und attend a Christian elementary school near the boarding home. During the school vacations they spend time at home with their families or relatives. In this way the contact to the family remains intact. In the boarding home the pupils are responsible for washing their own clothes as well as performing other tasks in the boarding household. It is important that they maintain the connection to everyday African life. The girls living in the boarding home are taken care of by a dorm mother and her helpers as well as interns from Germany. Everyday life in the boarding home is determined by Christian concepts. In the school fellowship the girls learn that they are loved by God. Our hope is that graduates of this boarding home will leave the school as well trained Massai and occupy positions in society that will benefit their people, and that eventually one day they themselves will carry on this work.

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