Hilfe für die Massai


Neues aus Malambo Bildung für Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Stämmen und Altersgruppen

The Massai


The Massai are a nomadic and warrior people, famous beyond the borders of Africa for their culture and as warriors of the Savanna. The Massai are a nomadic tribal group that live in the grasslands that cover parts of southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. It is assumed that the fore-fathers of the Massai immigrated between 300 - 400 years ago from the Nile river area that is now part of Sudan and settled in the area east of Lake Victoria. Today they live in the open range of the Savanna, which is known as the “Massai Grassland”. In the course of history the Massai had to defend their territory against other invading tribes. The Massai were successful, feared by other tribes and are known as a proud and warlike people. Because of their reputation, they have been able to live for a long time free from outside influences and maintain their tradidtional way of life.

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