Hilfe für die Massai


Neues aus Malambo Bildung für Menschen aus unterschiedlichen Stämmen und Altersgruppen

The Massai Kraal: the Boma


The Massai live in large extended families within the so-called “boma”. A surrounding palisade protects the humans as well as the live-stock from wild animals.
The houses are approximately 6ft. tall and are made by the Massai women from a wooden frame. The walls are strengthened and stuffed with cow dung. The houses have no windows to protect against the heat. The young animals are kept in a vestibule of the hut, while in a larger room the meals are prepared over an open fire. It is in this room that the family also sleeps on cow hides.
The huts of a boma are erected in a circle with a large square in the middle. This area is surrounded by a thorn hedge to protect against wild animals. In the middle is the corral where the animals are protected at night when they are brought in from the pasture.

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